Be Prepared For A Fire Emergency

- Plan escape routes out of each room.

- Clear the brush around your home.

- Practice fire drills at least twice a year.

- Teach family members to stay low to the ground when escaping a fire.

- Teach family members never to open doors that are hot. In a fire, feel the bottom of the door with the palm of your hand. If it is hot, do not open the door. Find another way out.

- Install smoke detectors throughout your home. Clean and test them and change batteries when you change your clocks.

- Keep a whistle in each bedroom to awaken your family in case of fire.

- Have a 3-day supply of baby food and diapers.

- Purchase a fire extinguisher (5 lbs., A-B-C type).

- Have a battery-powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries.

- Extra blankets

- Jumper cables

- First aid kit & book

- Stock bottled water and non-perishable high-energy foods such as granola bars, raisins and peanut butter (3 day supply) and extra pet food.

Plastic & duct tape & plastic bags for waste disposal.

- Fill your car with gas, if time allows.