La Jolla Solid Waste Program (SW)

The La Jolla Band of Indians Solid Waste (SW) Program manages of the solid waste (trash/garbage/debris) and recycling needs for the Tribe. The program is an important resource available to Tribal residents that enables proper disposal of waste materials, prevents illegal dumping, and reduces trash burning activities. The benefit to the Tribal residents is cost effective, easily accessible waste disposal and recycling programs. The Solid Waste Manager and the Solid Waste Assistant are responsible for daily operation of the waste transfer station, program planning, and project implementation. General tasks include insuring the Tribe is in compliance with EPA/DTSC/Cal Recycle regulations, record keeping, collection and transfer of waste and recyclables, and community outreach. Current waste disposal activities include collection of yard waste which is chipped and used as mulch, scrap metal collection and transfer to recycling centers, household hazardous waste collection and disposal, electronic waste disposal, and implementation of a CRV recycling incentive program for aluminum, glass, and some plastics. The SW program is continually evolving and exploring new opportunities in order to assist Tribal residents and ensure long-term benefits to the environment through responsible waste management.

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