EPA Nonpoint Source Pollution Management Program (NPS)

44The La Jolla Nonpoint Source Pollution (NPS) Management Program implements on-the-ground projects that reduce water quality threats, protect surface water resources, and improve watershed health under the Clean Water Act section 319. The NPS program is built upon two primary goals. (1) Enhance the La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians’ capacity to reduce the impact and/or threat of nonpoint source pollution to the San Luis Rey River Watershed and (2) Restore and protect the La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians’ natural resources, and their associated beneficial uses, through the implementation of on-the-ground management practices. As development and other landscape altering actions take place water resources are subjected to increased threats of damaging pollution. Research has shown that these threats can be reduced or eliminated by specific actions called best management practices. At the La Jolla Reservation the NPS Program Manager is the person responsible for planning and implementing best management practices that best support the goals of the NPS program. Some past projects have included erosion protection on roads, wetland restoration, streambank revegetation, rainwater harvesting, and waste-water system management. In addition, the NPS program maintains a strong focus on outreach and education as a way to empower individuals to be responsible stewards of their land and water.

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