EPA Clean Water Program (CW)

The La Jolla Clean Water Program (CW) routinely collects and analyzes water quality information for surface water resources on the Reservation. The primary goals of the program are to collect and document changes to water quality and use the collected information to identify any changes that may justify corrective or preventative action. Base-line surface water quality information is collected monthly from various locations on the Reservation. The collected information is then stored and analyzed for irregularities. The CW program also uses Benthic Macroinvertebrate (small water insects) samples as an indicator of longer-term changes to water quality. Once a year surface waters are also tested for a wide range of parameters that are not included in the base-line sampling. The CW Program Manager is the person primarily responsible for implementing program activities and is assisted by the CW Technician who typically collects and analyses water samples for basic parameters in the program’s laboratory. Together the collected information provides the EPO and the Tribal community with a greater understanding of water quality and how it responds to changes in the landscape.

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